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We take the guesswork out of finding coffee you love.

After many years of managing a local coffee shop, we know coffee and we’re committed to helping you find coffee you love. We take the guesswork out of what roast to buy and how to make the perfect cup. Now you can spend less time trying to find high-quality coffee and more time enjoying life with a good cup of coffee in your hands. 



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Building community through coffee, breaking down walls through relationships.

We're a missional based business with our sights set on reaching people and connecting by sharing life and exceptional coffee.

Walking in Faith

The Jericho Coffee Story

Like families across the country, we lost our business in the 2008 financial crisis. Mom started working at the local coffee shop as we navigated our new future and the job was a natural fit. She soon became the manager, and coffee became a family passion. Without fail, God faithfully provided for us each day in this vulnerable season of life. He gave us hope, encouragement, dreams, and a reason to believe in His plan.

During this time, we came back to the Biblical story of the battle of Jericho again and again, encouraged by the power of God in the face of the impossible. In the book of Joshua, the people of God were instructed to march around the city of Jericho’s walls for seven days. And on the final day, the walls supernaturally fell, giving them victory. In the same way, we witnessed how God’s plans for our family were vastly different from our own, but when we followed his plans in faith, we experienced his goodness and faithfulness.

In 2012, we moved to Tennessee and started considering how God could use our knowledge of the coffee industry and our desire to make a difference in the world. What began as helping out our church’s hospitality team with coffee service quickly transformed into a thriving ministry with more than 80 volunteers serving thousands of cups of Jericho Coffee each Sunday. We saw firsthand how a good cup of coffee connects people and breaks down walls.

Coffee shops are the modern day well, where people gather on a regular basis with no boundaries to age, race, or religion. In the Bible, Jesus ministered to people at the well; He met them in their everyday life where they were at. Our vision is to use coffee the way Jesus used the well—as a place of connection, community, and acceptance.

That’s why we created Jericho Coffee. We know what it’s like to walk through the wilderness—and to experience healing on the other side. Our mission is to use coffee to break down walls between people and restore dignity to the overlooked. Not only are we perfectionists when it comes to the quality of coffee, but we also source beans from fair-trade workers and a percentage of each sale goes toward nonprofits who fight for the vulnerable and unseen.

Whether we see you at our Nashville coffee trailer, partner with your church, or have the pleasure of shipping beans to your doorstep, we’re grateful for your support. Everyone has a story; thank you for joining ours.

Our Story Continues with Serving You

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