Church Resourcing

Transform your coffee service into a thriving ministry that makes everyone feel welcome.

Your welcome experience can be so much more than a rushed hello over a cup of average coffee.

Did you know most people form first impressions within 30 seconds? That’s a lot of pressure on your church’s hospitality team. It can be difficult to serve regular attendees while connecting with new guests at the same time. If your team is feeling strained and unequipped, you’re missing opportunities to extend the love of Christ and make that first impression a positive one.

At Jericho, we believe people connect over coffee. That’s why we created our church resourcing program. We equip churches of all sizes and denominations to elevate their welcome experience with high-quality coffee, effective team training, and brewing instruction. Through our program, you can create a warm, inviting environment—so people feel seen and loved, whether it’s someone’s first time stepping foot into a church or their thousandth time.

Share the love of Christ...

With a cup of coffee.

Ready to equip your welcome team with the tools they need to effectively greet your church members and guests? Here’s how it works:


High-Quality Coffee

Like our personal subscription service, our church resourcing program makes sure ethically sourced, 100% organic coffee shows up every month—or as often as you need it. Try all six roasts or choose your favorites. Bulk pricing options are available.


Team Training

Effective hospitality goes beyond handing someone a cup of coffee. Our qualified team members will teach you how to serve coffee in a way that leaves a lasting impression and makes every single person who walks through your church doors feel seen, loved, and welcomed.


Brewing Instructions

We offer brewing instructions that fits the needs of your church. We take the guesswork out of your Sunday morning preparation and help you build community within your team and the rest of the church. By using the right ratios in your brewing process you will serve superb "Church Coffee" and bring your people together.

See the impact.

Hear directly from churches who serve Jericho Coffee.

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Ready to elevate your coffee service into a ministry that fosters rich connection?

Are you struggling to keep up with coffee demand? Not sure how to transform serving a cup of coffee into a caring conversation? Our team is here to equip you with high-quality coffee and effective training so everyone walking through the doors of your church will feel seen.