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Are you settling for just coffee?

Your morning coffee should be more than just a “caffeine fix” to get you through the day, but trying to find coffee you actually look forward to drinking every day can be time consuming and expensive.

We believe everyone should start their day with coffee they love. You shouldn’t have to drive across town to get a cup of high-quality coffee you want to share with friends and family.

At Jericho Coffee, you have access to coffee experts who care about you and your story. Through our quiz, we’ll help you discover the right blend for you and set up automatic delivery so you never have to worry about running out of beans again. Instead of settling for coffee you don’t enjoy, begin each morning looking forward to a cup of coffee you love.


We're on a mission to give you so much more.

Our six roasts range from light to extra dark and are 100% organic—so you can feel good about what you are drinking every day from the first sip to the last drop. Our beans are ethically sourced by fair-trade workers and a percentage of each purchase goes to nonprofits who fight for the vulnerable and unseen. When you buy Jericho coffee, you’re not just getting high-quality coffee; you’re making a difference in the world.

Brew Your Perfect Cup

Start drinking coffee you love.

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Step One

Take our coffee quiz.

Discover your perfect roast. Whether you have strong opinions on coffee or are just starting your bean journey, take our quiz to discover which of our six roasts you’ll like best. And if you try it and don’t love it? We’ll work with you until you find the perfect blend.

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Step Two

Set up automatic delivery.

Never run out of coffee again. Do you go through a bag of beans every week? Or do you just need a bag a month? Choose how often you want coffee delivered to your doorstep—and adjust your order frequency at any time.

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Step Three

Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee every morning.

Start your day with coffee you love—and connect with friends and family over a cup while making a positive impact on the world.