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Our six roasts range from light to extra dark and are 100% USDA organic—so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body every day.

We believe everyone deserves to love their daily cup of coffee. Discover your new favorite cup of coffee.

Build Your Own Subscription

If you're new to Jericho Coffee or you're new to coffee we understand the decision making process can be difficult! Our Build Your Own Subscription allows for multiple roasts at once and can easily be switched between months if you need to adjust the quantity or try something new!

Single Roast Subscription

Take the Coffee Quiz

Discover the brew for you.

Not sure what type of coffee you like? It can feel intimidating asking questions about coffee—and expensive trying roast after roast in search of the perfect one. Finding coffee you love shouldn’t be this hard—and it doesn’t have to be.

At Jericho Coffee, we take the guesswork out of choosing the right coffee. So you can stop wasting time and money and start drinking coffee you would recommend to your friends.

Coffee with a Mission

Invest in making others feel seen, valued, and loved.

It’s already hard enough to find coffee you love; discovering a brand that also gives back might feel impossible. Brands that promise convenience over everything make it all too easy to ignore the impact of your spending habits.

But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice convenience for ethically sourced products. At Jericho Coffee, fighting injustice around the world is a core value and is reflected in everything we do. From partnering with fair-trade workers to donating a percentage of each purchase to nonprofits, we are committed to making the coffee-buying experience not just easy and convenient but impactful.

When you buy Jericho Coffee, you’re directly supporting the vulnerable and unseen. If you’re going to start your day with coffee, why not make an impact on the world while you do it?
Join us in fighting the world’s ongoing humanitarian crisis one cup of coffee at a time.

Ready to savor a cup of coffee you’ll love?

Here’s how it works:

Order Step 1
Step One

Take our coffee quiz.

Discover your perfect roast. Whether you have strong opinions on coffee or are just starting your bean journey, take our quiz to discover which of our six roasts you’ll like best. And if you try it and don’t love it? We’ll work with you until you find the perfect blend.

Order Step 2
Step Two

Set up automatic delivery.

Never run out of coffee again. Do you go through a bag of beans every week? Or do you just need a bag a month? Choose how often you want coffee delivered to your doorstep—and adjust your order frequency at any time.

Order Step 3
Step Three

Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee every morning.

Start your day with coffee you love—and connect with friends and family over a cup while making a positive impact on the world.